Hootchie Mama Amu-lures


In the window of my studio is my very first collaboration my studio mate, Jessica De Haas. This has been a deeply satisfying project for both of us. This exhibit is part of a Textile Walk on Granville Island for the Textile Society of America’s conference here in Vancouver, on until Sept 30.

Our exhibit will stay up much longer than that, and Jessica and I have been so inspired, that we are pretty sure that there will be more to come from the two of us. 

Title: Hootchie Mama Amu-Lures 2018

Materials: wool, silk, acid dyes, mixed media, hand dyed, hand felted, assembled

"Inspired by amulets that have been used  for power and protection since ancient times, and fishing lures that are designed to attract and catch what you wish, these pieces represent personal power and strength, as well as the ability to bring to you the things you want in life."


Inside the studio

Thank you to everyone who came by the studio for the Eastside Culture Crawl this past fall. I was very sick with a cold, so my superstar husband stood in my place for all four days. What a guy.

Below are some photos of the studio right before the event. This was my 10th Eastside Culture Crawl, and my last. I will be moving into a new studio in a neighbourhood outside of the Crawl boundary. Stay tuned for the new location!